25 March 2015

gerard cosmetics lipstick & lipgloss haul, review and swatches

YouTube is such a terrible influence on me. I always get sold the dream that I need whatever new product is being raved about, mentioned, reviewed or is taking over the beauty guru world. It actually makes me lose sleep if certain things are sold out and I cant get them! But Gerard Cosmetics seems to be a brand I am constantly seeing reappear in videos by Carli Bybel, Jaclyn Hill, Manny Mua, Nicole Guerriro, Shannnxo and MUA's I follow on Instagram. Not because their feeling the need to demonstrate or over hype them but they genuinely seem to reach for them as much as other brands like Mac and Too Faced. So I went onto the website and began ordering. What I love is you can pick your currency icon in the top right of the screen and the currency is changed to suit you. I find it so much easier to see things in GBP as I keep forgetting dollars seem more than they are. I also LOVE the fact I will never pay full price for an item as they constantly have offers ranging from sale bundles, 35% off and beauty gurus and YouTube stars ALWAYS have discount codes for Gerard Cosmetics. HURRAH! ORDER ALL THE LIPSTICK!

It took me forever to pick my shades. F..OR...EE...VV..EEEER...RRR! The amount of swatches I looked at on Google images was ridiculous. So I settled for Jaclyn's Gems which had the shades Buttercup, 1995, Rose Hill and Butter Cream. I picked the new shades Fairy Godmother and Sophia Chang's release Kimchi Doll. I also got Tequila Sunrise, Coral Craze, Seduction and Cherry Cordial. I love my options and already cant wait to pick more. Purples, pinks and reds are next on my list. The glosses are exactly like people said, liquid lipsticks. Ive never owned glosses like them they are utterly amazing. Non sticky, pigmented, long lasting, creamy, hydrating, shiny and a stunning finish to any lipstick you own. I was surprised by the colour pay off to the lipsticks as they seem shiny even the matte shades but they are honestly lovely and pigmented and really cling to the lips. Theres nothing worse than a dehydrating matte than makes your lips feel like dust. They go together with the glosses like a dream. I am so surprised. I was worried they'd be all talk and no action.......these little gold babies proved me wrong. 

(L-R) Kimchi Doll, Fairy Godmother, 1995, Buttercup, Tequila Sunrise, Cherry Cordial

(L-R) Kimchi Doll, Fairy Godmother, 1995, Buttercup, Tequila Sunrise, Cherry Cordial

(L-R) Butter Cream, Coral Craze, Rose Hill, Seduction

(L-R) Butter Cream, Coral Craze, Rose Hill, Seduction

Just look at those colours! Especially the glosses. Seduction and Coral Craze have such a special place in my heart. They will go awesome with some of my Mac lipsticks and liners. Ahhh cant wait to play around and find some favourite lip combos. If you are from the UK and want to order do it directly from the website. Postage was free, they were here in less than 10-14 days, undamaged, I had tracking as far as within the states, they worked out much cheaper than some sites that are selling them in the UK and I will always go directly to the site. Amazing, I'm really honestly impressed. And yes, they are part of the company Whitening Lightening and yes I order from them too. ADDICTED. 

The lights built into these glosses are unbelievably bright!

 Kimchi Doll

 Fairy Godmother



 Tequila Sunrise

Cherry Cordial

Hope you liked my little haul and swatches, there will be more posts as I love them and the discount codes are killing me!